4C Academy Hosts FIRST POWER UP

Get ready for the inaugural FRC Kickoff at the 4C Academy in Albany, Ga! FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Kickoff marks the beginning of the design and build season. This year, the kickoff is scheduled for January 6th, 2018. Be sure to register your team in the Kit and Kickoff section of the FIRST Inspires Dashboard. We will be providing breakfast, guest speakers, robot displays and workshops. The event will feature the grand opening of the 4C STEM Gym with a full field and game elements on display.


8:00am – Team check-in, breakfast
9:30am – Guest Speakers (Parker Community Room)
10:30am – Kickoff Broadcast Starts (Parker Community Room & Professional Skills Lab)
11:00am – Field Viewing and Kit of Parts handout; two team members and a mentor to pick up kit (4C loading dock)
12:45pm – Loading dock closes; end of kit of parts distribution
12:45pm – 1:30 PM Lunch break (lunch not provided, food truck on site)
1:30pm – Workshops begins
4:30pm – Workshops ends



Workshops are vital in creating an easy transition into the start of the FIRST season. One of our primary goals is to have all teams who attend the workshops leave with a KOP robot that will require only some final assembly. We highly encourage teams to attend these helpful workshops to learn and receive guidance. The workshops will be located throughout the 4C Academy. Please note that cutting or sawing any components is strictly forbidden.

The following are the five workshop tracks that will be available for teams:

•Mechanical: Building the mechanical parts of the provided KOP.
•Electrical: Assembly of the electronics, wiring guidelines, and a few pointers on past problems.
•Strategy Brainstorm: Teams will be given the opportunity to go over rules and discuss gameplay strategies.
•Safety: This workshop will discuss the importance of safety leadership and go beyond safety glasses and a Band-Aid. This workshop will be presented by Cassidy Hagler, former Safety Captain of the Titan Alliance team 5536 and the Lee County Trobots team 6471.
•Bumpers: This workshop is all about how to properly build bumpers for your team’s robot. This workshop will be led by Robot Inspectors.

Here is a list of tools for the mechanical and electrical parts of the Robot Quick Build Session:


Cordless drill with:
    •3/8″ socket
    •5/16″ socket
    •9/16″ socket
    •5/32″ Ball End Hex Bit
Alternatively, bring the equivalent hand tools:
    •1/2″ Combination wrench
    •Tape measure
    •Marking pencil/pen/marker
    •Flathead and Phillips screwdrivers


    •Wire strippers
    •Wire cutters
    •Wire crimpers – a good set with handles at least 7” long
    •Phillips screwdriver (#2)
    •Flat Screwdriver
    •Wago flat screwdriver (supplied in FIRST kit)
    •3/8” combination wrench
    •10mm combination wrench
    •Tape measure
    •7/16” combination wrench


Parking will be free and located right off of Newton Rd. Personal vehicles and buses will be directed to their appropriate parking areas.


Contact Darren Haglar