pathway opportunities at the 4C Academy

The pathways offered at the 4C Academy are designed to teach the technical skills deemed critical for economic growth within the State of Georgia. Each pathway is divided into three courses, each spanning one semester, and meets the standards required of Georgia CTEA. 

These courses are designed to provide students the hands-on training they need to enter the workforce. Several courses offer certification opportunities. 


Audio video technology
and film

Stephanie Burke, M.Ed.

For students who have an interest in acting, video editing, script writing, studio producing and film directing. Jobs in this growing field include camera operator, film editor, lighting and set management


Frank Middleton, M.D.

For students who have an interest in exploring the various career opportunities in aerospace. Jobs in this field include engineering, maintenance as well as flying aircraft. The lab is equipped with flight simulators.


Randin Burley, B.S.

For students who like to work with their hands, solve problems and build things. Jobs in the construction field include woodworking, plumbing, HVAC, masonry, etc

For students who have an interest in architecture, engineering or design careers. The drafting lab includes 3-D printers, large-scale printers, and CNC equipment. Jobs in this field include architects, engineers, designers and computer-aided drafting (CAD) operators. 

drafting and design

Stephen Woolard 

For students who have an interest in architectural, civil, mechanical, or industrial engineering. The engineering lab includes high-tech equipment such as 3-D printers, CNC mill and lath, and robots. 


Dennis Proctor, Ed.D. 

For students who have an interest in business, starting their own business, and management in general. Students in this pathway are responsible for the school store. 


Heather Tison-Nichols, MBA

For students who have an interest in graphic design and print. Jobs in this field include desktop publisher, graphic designer, and multimedia artist and animator. 

graphic design

Rachel Dudley, M.S. 

For students who have an interest in health care management, medical coding, or an interest in the healthcare field who would like to use their technical skills to impact the future of patient care delivery. 

health informatics

Jill Dervan, MBA, RHIC, CCS

For students who have an interest in taking care of others, in patient care/nursing, veterinary medicine or any aspect of health care. Jobs in this field include Certified Nurse Assistant, medical assistant and other healthcare providers. 

Health care science

Melissa Laslie, RN, BSN
Jessica Blanchard, RN, BSN, RMA

For students who have a interest in computers, programming, or technology in general. Jobs in this field include network administrator, computer programmer and cybersecurity. 

information technology

Darren Hagler. M.S.

For students who have an interest in planning/organizing, problem solving and customer service. Jobs in this field include supply chain management, transportation management and industrial planning


Brenda Shy, MBA

For students who have an interest in public relations, marketing, brand management and project management. Jobs include project managers, marketing managers, public relations managers and website content managers.

marketing and communications

Heather Nichols, MBA

For students who have an interest in electronics, mechanics and electricity and like to solve problems and understand how things work. Jobs in this field include industrial maintenance technicians, electrical engineers and technicians. 


David Mayo, A.A.S.

For students who enjoy helping others learn, creating and have an interest in becoming an educator. Jobs include teacher education, early childhood, high school, college instruction and administration. 

teaching as a profession

Keyla Johnson, Ed.D.