4C Academy Teaching as a Pathway Class Seeks Donations for Monthly Book Club

August 29, 2018— Albany, GA—The Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy (4C Academy) Teaching as a Profession Pathway, under the guidance of 4C Instructor, Dr. Keyla Johnson, has organized the Future Educators Book Club in an effort to help make real world connections to class standards. 

Dr. Johnson and the 4C Team Members are seeking the assistance of the Albany community to purchase a class set of various titles of books to be used during the 2018/2019 school year. “We are seeking monetary donations as well as donations of gently used books. The first two books for class reading are The First Days of School by Harry Wong and Rosemary Wong and Fires in the Bathroom written by Kathleen Cushman. These books serve as guides for teachers at every level, sharing ideas on classroom management and designing lessons for academic success. The class will hold weekly meetings on Fridays,” according to Dr. Johnson.   

In support of the Teaching as a ProfessionPathway, 4C Academy CEO, Chris Hatcher says, “Our goal at the 4C Academy is to prepare our students for the real world. The 4C Book Club provides a structured format in which our teaching students can learn to openly and creatively share ideas and information, a skill vital in today’s work environment. I am frequently asked by community members and civic clubs how they can help support the 4C Academy and I think this is a great way for them to get involved.  We appreciate our community’s help in this endeavor.”    

Other books to be utilized:

·      What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker

·      No More Culturally Irrelevant Teaching by Abigail Salas Maguire, Alicia Arce-Boardman, Carmen I. Lugo Llerena, Jessica Martell, and Mariana Souto-Manning

·      The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey

·       I Wish My Teacher Knew by Kyle Schwartz

The goal for the Future Educators Book Club is to raise $950.  The students have already raised  raised $350 towards their goal.  


Dr. Keyla Johnson
Teaching as a Profession Instructor, Commodore Conyers College & Career Academy
Email: Keyla.Johnson@4CAcademy.org
Web: 4CAcademy.org

Chris Hatcher
CEO, Commodore Conyers College & Career Academy
Ph: 229-431-1562
Email: Chris.Hatcher@4CAcademy.org
Web: 4CAcademy.org

About 4C Academy:

The mission of the Commodore Conyers College & Career Academy is to produce college and career ready graduates with relevant skills and education and exceptional work ethic who can compete and succeed in the real world. Our partners include local business and industry, the Dougherty County School System, Albany Technical College, Albany State University, the Albany/Dougherty Economic Development Commission, and the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.  In addition, we have partnered with the Calhoun, Terrell and Baker County School Systems.