4C Academy AV Team Tours Broadcasting Facilities


May 04, 2018-- Albany, GA-- Students in the Audio Video Technology and Film pathway at 4C academy, led by Ms. Stephanie Burke, boarded a bus and toured some of Albany’s beautiful broadcasting facilities (WALB, WFXL, Cumulus).

The first stop on their trip was Albany’s very own WALB, where they were met by First Alert Meteorologist, Chris Zelman. Students were excited, being that it was their first time in a real-life news station. When they entered the studio, Marketing Director, Mike Leach, was putting together a promo video to introduce Tesia Reed, Karla Heath-Sands replacement on WALB’s “Today in Georgia.” Leach briefly taught terms such as three-point lighting, which includes the terms key light, back light, and fill light. They even got a behind the scenes look at WALB’s control room where they broadcast shows such as, The Ellen Degeneres Show, New Girl, and even The Voice. The students also learned the importance of being factual, resourceful, and punctual. 

Next, they made their way to WFXL where they were guided by News Manager, Kerri Copello. Copello shared stories of her seven years working at the station, including some rules and regulations, dress code violations, and what to expect. The students were then introduced to Multimedia Journalists, Danielle Ledbetter and Mary Green, who spoke to them about their daily work efforts and experiences in the field. They even allowed the students to hop in front of the green screen and get a first-hand look into the life of a weather forecaster. This was definitely an unforgettable experience!

Taking a break from the news theme, scholars visited Cumulus, a local radio station, where they got an inside look at life inside the studio. 4C’s very own, Stephanie Burke, who you may know as ~God’s Princess~ on V101.7 FM acted as a tour guide as students explored the building. The first room on the list was the sales floor. Here, Katy Edwards, Executive Assistant/Promotions Director, described her occupational duties. She also explained the company’s motto, “HABU.” Employees are expected to align their work ethics with the acronym, which stands for the “Highest And Best Use of…” Students were encouraged to get the highest and best use of anything they do. Next, they made their way upstairs to see where the magic happens! They were introduced to the studio in which many on air personalities, including Burke herself, record and edit commercials. While walking through the halls of Cumulus, students had the opportunity of meeting the program directors of both WJAD-FM and WKAK-FM. The students left the station with new knowledge of the ends and outs of radio broadcasting.

The group ended their adventure at The Rocket, not before getting group pictures at each location. What a delicious way to end such an eventful outing! 

This has been The WEY at 4C Academy, signing out! 

– Written by: Wesley Williams, Elizabeth Jones & Yaz’myne Moye.